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18 May 2011

[CLOSED] Rosemary's Texas Taco



I would not necessarily come to Rosemary's Texas Taco specifically for the food. It is cheap, and it's decent, but the real reason to find yourself on this street of Route 22 is just to see with your own eyes how crazy this place is.

The grounds outside are like a 60's acid trip come alive, the parking lot and exterior walls painted in swirls. The lawn is decorated with every piece of junk from yard sales of decades past. You can spend a good 30 minutes simply admiring it all.

Walk inside to find Rosemary herself, who will take your order and scare the shit out of you possibly. One good find is the taco serape ($2.70, below), a hard shell inside of a soft shell, joined with refried beans, something I had only seen before at Taco Bell. This one is predictably better, with well-seasoned meat and takes much more advantage of the obvious connection these two textures can provide together.

It was later told to us by another local down the road that Rosemary does not let just anyone in her bathroom, but thankfully we got a peek. Do try to make your way in there, you won't be sorry!

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