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18 May 2011

The Irish Coffee Shop


Researching McLean Avenue in Yonkers a few weeks ago turned up a photo on Forgotten NY of a small coffee shop. It turns out that this little place has grown up though, expanding to its current state above. The Irish communities of Woodlawn Heights in the northern Bronx and in bordering parts of Yonkers are thriving, and a much-needed hangover cure Irish breakfast was sought out on a recent weekend.

Upon entering the newly doubled space, you are greeted by a refrigerated case of all types of candy bars you might find on the Emerald Isle and its neighbor. The crests of all Ireland's counties adorn the walls, and a friendly staff takes your order and brings you coffee almost as quickly as you can sit down.

That Irish breakfast ($9.75, above) I mentioned is top notch, and full of grease to ward off that cloudiness in your head. It worked perfectly for me this day. It is also available in mini version for $7.95. You have the option of home fries or French fries, but be warned, they somehow run out of home fries by afternoon, as we had the last two portions at around 1pm on a Sunday.

The place has a menu with Irish staples for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as their American diner equals. Later in the day I would be happy to try the chicken curry, fish & chips, and shepherd's pie.

As my stomach and grogginess were satisfied by the end of my second cup of coffee, a smile came across my face in the comfort of this place, and a U2 song came on over the radio.

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