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23 April 2011



Pizza debates rage on Long Island more furiously than any other place, and we all know pizza debates bring out some pretty passionate people. A look through review websites and blogs only presents you with a bunch of people who will tell you it is the best pizza in the world, and another group that says how terrible it is. You get the sense that many of the negatives come from shills trying to prop up their favorite place, so to have any real picture, you just need to go to every place that has a good pie.

Luckily I like variety, and have enjoyed all my slices at Little Vincent's, Steverino's, and beyond. Colosseo is another great place, with a perfect atmosphere. There is a full-fledged Italian restaurant in the back that seems to have a sleepy yet enthusiastic base of regulars, and a fast-paced counter in the front to grab a quick slice or two.

The whole front is "decorated" with stacks of pizza boxes wherever they fit. If you are lucky, you will get to see some pizza box circus tricks as they stack them high to the ceiling, defying gravity to make sure they all do not come crumbling to the floor.

The place has a very high turnover, so you can expect your slices to be very fresh. I added pepperoni to my slice ($2.25 + $0.75, above) and enjoyed how some of the delicious pork was traditional round pieces, but some were squares. They are obviously more interested in cheese here than sauce, as there is plenty of melting going on. That is all for the best though, as their mozzarella is very good. The plate is necessary to keep the slice from completing folding over under its own weight as the crust is very thin.

Seated at the barstools in the front area, you will find a general camaraderie of smiles between yourself and other pizza eaters. Those might be the same people that are writing nasty reviews for other pizza joints, but for now you have much in common.

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