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04 March 2011

A Taste of Seafood


I was completely disoriented when I walked into A Taste Of Seafood for the first time. Having read much about its former glory and long, snaking lines, I was expecting to at least have a bit of a wait to enjoy my fried bounty. But on this Wednesday at 2pm, the crumbs on my table were the only proof that other people actually came here to eat.

The restaurant seems sleepy now, still nautically themed and centered around frying fish, but upstairs the dining room is completely devoid of character (and people when I saw it), and just a place for the radio to be on full blast.

You still get a sense that you are in a "holy" place though, where fryers are used for higher purposes, not just to flash fry frozen french fries and chicken wings. They might look the same, but they are doing god's work, unlike the machines that spend their unfortunate lives in a McDonald's or Chinese takeout.

A good starter is the 4 piece fish & chips ($8, above), a three filet serving of whiting that has been expertly fried and placed on a bed of regular chips. If they ask you if you want bread, take it, as it is fun to make sandwiches.

Also, make sure to do yourself and favor and get a hearty portion of tartar sauce to lather on your bread, fish, and fries, as it's really good stuff and really rounds out the flavor palate.

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