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06 March 2011

Raja Sweets & Fast Food


You can get chaat so easily in the Indian section of Jackson Heights, practically every food shop has their version. Last summer I wanted to have a chaat crawl and eat so much I started puking, so I grabbed a friend and hit up as many places as possible.

Since then, the place I consistently return to for the street snack is Raja Sweets & Fast Food, which has the most potent sauce.

As any other place, they have a list of five or six different fried dough varieties to base your chaat around, all costing $5. The one above is the samosa chaat, but I think my favorite is actually the papri chaat for its much more crunchy texture.

Discerning what is part of this dish is quite a feat, but what you see are potatoes, chickpeas, dried ginger, tamarind sauce, chili, raw onions, and yogurt. They all mix so splendidly in your mouth, making chaat one of the best mid-afternoon snacks available.

Raja also has an all you can eat buffet for $6, a great deal considering the quality of the food compared to the steam tables on 74th Street that most non-locals migrate to.

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