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13 March 2011

[CLOSED] Mi Mexico Lindo Bakery



You normally go to a bakery to get the freshest breads and sweets, preferably fresh out the oven. But most Mexican bakeries also serve an assortment of antojitos, and this is no different here. Surprisingly the bread of the torta ($5, below) is not going to knock any socks off, since it is assumed to have been baked here, but the insides are tasty enough to satisfy. My version was breaded chicken (milanesa de pollo) and came with plenty of avocado and vegetables, and a thin base layer of beans. I knew I wanted to try more than that, so I had the second half of the large sandwich packed up to go and perused the menu again, which is on the wall behind the counter.

I had a good chance to look around and inspect the environment while waiting between courses, and you have to love a place that has all the charm of an old barber shop. Come in the morning and the whole space is overrun by carts of trays holding fresh baked goods. There is a coffee pot for self-service for anyone interested, but it seemed not to be used very frequently.

The only decorations were adorning the wall directly above a small counter used for eat-in service, a map of Mexico and a rendition of The Last Supper.

When my order of three tostadas ($7, below) came, I was very excited by the nice looking plate, which would be quite a feat to finish. I love Mexican tripe, so that was my selection for this order. I was surprised at this version though, which was not crispy at all and I would not recommend for those squeamish of it.

Tripe close-up

The soft, chewy tubes were super fresh and heaped on each tortilla quite generously. Once again, this is an order that is a whole meal. This panaderia is the perfect place to step in quickly and satisfy a craving of any kind.

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