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09 March 2011

[CLOSED] Cocinando en Casa



It is very easy to figure out what the focus of this place is, look no further than the name and prominent tortilla making station at the front of the restaurant. Home cooking is key here, and I was told that everything is made from scratch right here in house.

While I was here, the friendly lady started pounding the dough out behind me, making the bases for quesadillas. I also saw the distinct bases for sopes that were already finished. On this blustery day I was definitely in the mood for a soup, and found the caldo de res ($8, below) on the specials board. She warned me it was un poco picante but you know that is a diminutive code for packing heat.

The soup got a nice sweat beading on my forehead and was just what I was looking for. The tender beef hunks were joined by quite a group of vegetables, including the piece of corn on the cob that you can see.

I could not refuse her offer of a quesadilla ($5, below) since she had just finished making the tortilla. Sticking with beef I chose one made with bistek. While the meat and toppings were fairly standard, the tortilla was in fact delicious and fresh, making a difference.

She also set a homemade salsa de chipotle on the table that was really amazing. I would normally ask for a green salsa in a situation like this, but I cannot wait to drizzle that stuff on everything I order in the future. The best part is that she will sell you a portion to take home as well!

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