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09 February 2011

[CLOSED] Qebabtore Kalaja



It was closed for a bit, but fortunately this turned out to be only for renovations. The new space is in fact new, if not entirely warm or inviting. But you can tell from the aromas that hit your nose upon entry that they spend their time worrying about the grill, not the interior design. The other worry is that when the grill does have meat on it, the place is really smoky, so maybe no points for atmosphere here.

Order a portion of qebaba ($6 half portion, below) and receive a nice "salad" and a gigantic chunk of Albanian bread that is trucked in from a baker in Connecticut.

I think the ajvar (red pepper sauce) comes from a jar, but is a very good sauce nonetheless. Making a sandwich with the bread, meat, ajvar, and onions is one of life's best pleasures.

The man who runs the establishment is a thoroughly nice person, will answer any questions you have, and really takes care of you throughout the meal. These couple blocks can really be a Bronx Albanian destination for eating if you grab a burek from down the street and then come here for qebaba.

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