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09 February 2011

Cozy Cottage


For anyone that is a loyal follower or fan of the eccentric TV personality Baron Ambrosia, Cozy Cottage in the far northern reaches of the Bronx is a must-eat destination. Despite my waitress not knowing of the sandwich named after him, they do have it, just make sure to ask the guy at the register, as it is definitely worth the effort.

The place has an exhaustive diner menu of all the favorites, but you won't find this one on it. The Baron Ambrosia ($8.50, below) is melted Swiss cheese, roast beef, scrambled eggs, and a side of gravy to slather on. The roast beef itself is nothing special, but the sandwich is terrific. The sesame hero it is served on is delicious, both crunchy and soft, and putting gravy on anything usually leads to good results.

The best part of the sandwich is that it is almost like having breakfast and lunch in one go, as the scrambled eggs, probably the odd-man-out of the ingredients, add your morning protein fix. And while in a New York City diner, you might as well wash your meal down with an egg cream ($2.50, below).

The place is close to the highway and really does feel like a truck stop. Many people come in for takeout orders, staring and pointing at the steam table, and the owners, servers, and cooks are constantly barking loud orders back and forth. The griddle's constant sizzle acts as a calming white noise under all of this hustle and bustle, but regardless you probably won't feel like staying long to relax.

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