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05 February 2011

Joy & Snook


Around Labor Day of 2010 a new white awning went up, a Guyanese flag was flown, and "GT Style" pronounced the cuisine. Nostrand Avenue's newest Caribbean addition is nothing out of the ordinary for the area, but is definitely a good option, its owners hailing from Georgetown.

The place has a small steam table and about 8 options daily, as well as some pastries and fritters. Ask what is good and you are met with a smiling answer. I wish I could try all, except maybe the weird appearance of veggie chow mein!

On the top shelf are a few friend options which looked appealing. The fish cake ($1, above) is not at all crispy like it looks and has only a slightly fishy taste. The server will apply some spicy sauce for you if requested. Another selection was the egg ball ($1.50, below, real name I swear)
which was exactly as described. The hard-boiled egg was wrapped in a thin layer of potato, then breaded and very shortly fried. It also had the same sauce, and while I would not call the item delicious, it was unlike anything I had ever eaten which was fun.

Before and after dissection.

Of the mains, the pumpkin curry chicken ($5, below, served with rice) appealed to me most. It was very flavorful in a subtle way. The chicken fell off the bone as most tender Caribbean meats tend to. When ordering you are offered a side of salad or plantains, of which I went straight for the sweet fried latter. The salad was not visible, but I imagined it to be nothing special.

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762 Nostrand Avenue
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