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05 February 2011

Ali's Roti Shop


Somehow it seems like most Trini rotis in New York are made by men named Ali? Or are they all somehow related? My guess is no, as while very tasty, Bronx's rendition is just not on the same level as Crown Heights and Bedstuy Alis.

The food is good, don't get me wrong. Solid Trini bakery. They were out of fish on my visit, so no bakes for me, but the thing that blew me away was the homemade pepper sauce (below in last picture) that will completely envelope you. It goes well with everything.

The doubles ($1.50 each, above) could have benefitted from a tamarind sauce on the side, but the pepper sauce livened them up enough. The shortbread was on par with the best of them, but the curry sauce was unfortunately weak. The doughy goodness of the aloo pie ($1.50, below) was best with the sauce though, which is perfect for the potato interior.


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