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27 July 2010

Xochimilco Family Restaurant


The Bronx is not normally the destination for the city's best Mexican food, but Xochimilco is trying to prove that wrong by producing quality dishes, and proclaiming itself "The Best Mexican Food in the City."

While I will not agree with that, I will say that I enjoyed my recent meal quite a lot. The restaurant is part of a neighborhood containing plenty of bodegas and fast food, and is a welcome respite with calm, comforting, and quiet interiors.

I am a sucker for a good mole poblano ($10, below), but it is so hard to find in New York. Ask any person from Puebla (which I am known to do) where you can find the best, and they will almost always tell you "at my house!" I decided to give this one a shot, and despite the actual pieces they chose for me being very light on meat, the sauce was excellent. This was no stew, the deep brown sauce was thin and rich, and completely absorbed the dish.

Unfortunately the rice and beans that are served with the dishes are just so-so, which is a bummer for any Mexican meal. Since the mole sauce was in such abundance, I used it to spice up the beans.

The beef was a bit too chewy for my taste, but the instant kick from the bistec en salsa verde ($9, below) was worth the price. This green sauce also made a good companion to the rice and beans, and we created a few tortillas filled with such mixtures.

Our server thought I had not liked to mole, but really this was only because it looked like I had not eaten much since my pieces of chicken. On the contrary, we were very satisfied and enjoyed our meal, washing it back with a very milky horchata ($3).

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