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19 April 2010

[CLOSED] Jamrock Kitchen



Fairly new on Franklin Avenue, Jamrock Kitchen is a mostly takeout restaurant with one small table for eat-in customers. On both occasions I stopped by to pick up something to eat, Conrad, the friendly owner greeted me. He is good for a chat and recommendations on what is made fresh that day.

A menu is posted, but it is easier to just look at the steam table to see what is available. A list of soups made each day also looks inviting.

Portions of most things are S, M, L, costing $6, $9, and $12. The small makes a good meal for one, as each dish is served over rice with some cabbage. The jerk chicken (above) is not going to rival Peppa's in Flatbush, but is obviously cared for in its own way. Conrad added a good amount of jerk sauce and some broth from the oxtail that was cooking for good measure.

The curry goat (below) was nothing special, served with the same rice and cabbage fix-ins but lacking the same oomph as the chicken. As goat can sometimes be, this version was rather chewy and seemed past its prime.

The refrigerator is stocked with Caribbean sodas, including $1.50 ginger beer. There is also a case on the counter with a couple various bakery-type items. The fried dough for $1 is always a winner, sweet and oozing grease.

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