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03 December 2009



Tehuitzingo is on so many people's "little secret" lists that I finally went. Admittedly, if I lived in the East Village or Williamsburg and ate Mexican food there, it would be on my list too. It's a very fun little cave of a place, has a great vibe, and serves passable fare.

But that's just it, it's passable. Not knock your socks off. And after a taco tour of Sunset Park, even more mediocre.

But the place has its strong points. I really liked being there, despite the Christmas glow of the green fluorescent lighting. It's fun to eat amongst the novelas on TV and kitschy decorations. The mirrored walls make orientation a little difficult at first, but then are useful to check your teeth for particles. The people that run the place are fantastically nice, and every once in a while a customer will put a quarter in the electronic jukebox so that we all get a little ranchera music in our lives.

The meat used here for the tacos ($2-2.75 depending on type) and other items is tasty, but just not as moist and delectable as desired. The carnitas (below, left) is always a favorite of mine but here seemed just a tad less dry than my leftover turkey from Thanksgiving. The taste is spot on, but I want much more drip from my taco. The size is a bit larger than your normal $1.50-$2 variety though, I suppose making the higher prices worth it in the end. A lunch of two is about adequate for someone without a huge appetite.

The salsas are also a bit disappointing and don't add much flavor or fire to whatever they are applied to. It is sometimes true that a salsa can really make or break a place, and while this is not a deal breaker for Tehuitzingo, it certainly doesn't appoint any favors.

When in the neighborhood again, I am bound to go back for more though, because this "little secret" will charm you to no end!
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