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02 December 2009

IKEA Restaurant


There are not a ton of places to get Swedish food in New York City, with the cheapest option probably being the terrific Midsummer Celebration. The restaurants tend to be a bit expensive and highbrow. And then there is the restaurant in every IKEA, sort of a go-to place for everyone's love of Swedish meatballs. A trip to the furniture store is hardly complete without first visiting the restaurant.

The restaurant is cafeteria style, if you haven't heard already. In Brooklyn, it's not that pleasant of an experience, to be honest. The employees are just passing through their day, no emotion, heaping things on your plate with no regard. Whatever.

Don't be ashamed to pick the Swedish meatballs ($4.99 for 15, $5.99 for 20, above) because they are still the best thing on the menu. It comes served with a side of mashed potatoes, a bit of lingonberry sauce for dipping, and is covered in an excellent cream sauce. The quality control of the whole operation might be slacking though, as some balls are cold inside and other lukewarm. It's surprising that IKEA does not have a tighter leash on its operation.

While it is certainly not great coffee by any standards, it should be noted that at 99 cents (which includes free refills), this could be a very economical coffee shop for freelancers. Stop downstairs at the food store, bring up some candy, and nurse your coffee all day while working. A cheapskate's dream!

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