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07 December 2009

Ethlyn's Caribbean Bakery


[UPDATE: Now called Ethlyn's Caribbean Bakery]

Formerly down Nostrand Avenue a few blocks to the south, this small bakery has recently relocated to this address. Luckily a friendly patron in the barber shop next door to the old location directed me to the right place when I peeked my head in to ask about the shuttered "Vincie Bakery" at 1729 Nostrand Avenue. St. Vincent is no holy person though, this name comes from the fact that its proprietors, who bought a new awning and made a slight adjustment to the name, come from the tiny Caribbean island nation of St. Vincent & the Grenadines. [UPDATE: It now has new owners, but the baked goods mostly remain the same. On a May 2016 visit, I found they had set up a steam table for prepared foods and planned to start offering a few lunches each day]

The pick of the litter are the salt fish patties ($1.30 each, below) which seem unassuming from the exterior but have a sharp spice bite within. They are slightly fishy, but that is easily overcome by these tasty spices.

Coconut rolls ($1.50) are always a good bet.

There are many sugar-loaded items, like any Caribbean bakery should have, including the staple sugar buns ($0.50, not pictured) which would make a great snack at any time of day, a few coconut-themed items, amongst others. Deciding between a couple pastries with coconut inside, I went for the bright pink one pictured below ($1.75, shown cut in half) simply because it looked more interesting. It was a bit dry on the inside in places, but had enough coconut to satisfy. Combined with tea it becomes quite agreeable.

The old awning.

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1621 Nostrand Avenue
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