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06 December 2009

East Harbor Seafood Palace


In a building nondescript and ugly enough to blend in with the surround automotive repair shops lives East Harbor Seafood Palace, a tribute to dim sum in the northern reaches of Dyker Heights, just south of Sunset Park. On a weekend the place is packed with groups of mainly Chinese people from the surrounding areas, and anytime after 10am usually requires a wait. Take a number upon entering and wait for the microphone to call it out (and maybe suggest that it be yelled in English if you are not with any Chinese speakers).

This place seems to stick to the classics, and lovers of typical dim sum dishes won't be discouraged with the carts that roll around. While everything might be slightly oilier than usual, it is still tasty, and every once in a while surprisingly good, like the special turnip cake pieces below that come with sautéed onions that almost resemble bacon in both appearance and taste.

A hierarchy of suited men, vested men and women, and yellow-shirted women work at a fast pace during your meal. It is all slightly aggressive like any dim sum can be, but efficient in getting most options to you quickly. I felt like we had a lot of choices in a very short amount of time, which can be good and bad in many ways.

While the prices are not rock-bottom even for Manhattan standards ($1.95/2.50/2.85 for small/medium/large), the quality justifies it and makes the price low. You don't feel like you are eating something unfresh here like can happen at a place like Jing Fong.

P.S.: The chicken feet are saturated in vinegar no matter what the lady handing them tells you.

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