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29 September 2009



A lot of times my friends will ask me for recommendations in the West Village, and more often than not I shrug and admit it's really not my territory. Spotted Pig? Yeah, but it's off the top of the charts of my preferred price range. Corner Bistro? Sure... but not exactly international. The only truly international experience I venture for is Myers of Keswick, which is far from a restaurant.

It is definitely no secret, but I had yet to try Moustache's West Village location until recently, but found it a good, cheap-ish location. A group of people can definitely go enjoy an array of dishes for under $20 each.

The pizzas are tasty, but it should be noted to stay away from the dull seafood pitza, which also happens to be the most expensive at $12. The lahambajin ($9) is ground lamb with onion, tomato, parsley and spices and probably is the most essential of the group.

Of course any Middle Eastern meal would be lacking something without a sprinkling of appetizers. The babaganough and hummus ($5/each, below) excel from the pack.

The service is a bit pushy as the place tends to fill up by 7.30 or so and a crowd waits on the sidewalk for tables. The small dining room doesn't seemed especially claustrophobic though, with high ceilings and minimal decor. Order a hot mint tea ($2) and enjoy the view back into the kitchen as your meal is prepared and brought out.
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