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12 February 2009

Myers of Keswick


As I gazed into the refrigerated display case with no idea of what to order from the many savory pastries, a friendly voice called out from behind the counter, an offer of help. I had mentally narrowed my selection down to two choices that both happened to be pork pies, and after asking his opinion on each I ended up ordering both.

Myers of Keswick seems very specialized for English people that have made a home here in New York, but probably gets a few strays each day like me. On one side of the shop, a shelf has many packaged goods that are probably not available in abundance on this side of the pond. The other side had the case I mentioned earlier and some raw meats.

Instructed to eat at room temperature, I brought both of my snacks home and figured I should sit down and enjoy them rather than eating on the run like I might do with a slice of pizza or beef patty. The first I ate was the pork & stilton topped pie ($2.50, left). It took a few bites, but I really started to enjoy it by halfway, in all its dense porky goodness.

The second pie was the wensleydale ($3.25, right), made of the same pork filling, but this time topped with a homemade apple sauce and wensleydale cheese. I liked the combination of salty and sweet, the consistencies matching well despite what your mind might say.

After eating the last bite, I could only think about how I wished I had saved it for the morning.

Also available is what they call the "best pork pie in the world." This guy will set you back $3.75, and the one I tried was still a bit frozen when served to me at 10:30 in the morning. This would have been much better taken home and popped in the over for a bit.

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