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03 August 2009

Rutt's Hut


Stumbling across Rutt's Hut sitting above Route 21 and the Passaic River beyond is more of a region warp than a time warp, the feeling is more of being in the Midwest than 15 kilometers from Midtown Manhattan. The place is circled in blacktop and large people rumble through the doors with their eyes on the menu.

As it was my first visit, I was here for the famous deep-fried hot dogs called "rippers" ($1.85, below, even deemed "famous" on the menu). The dog was good, but the reason to eat it might be the chance to pile on their mustard relish in any amount you see fit. My next one will most certainly skip the boring spicy mustard and be smothered in the good stuff. I'm normally a proponent of deep-frying anything, but I'm not sure it does anything to a hot dog.

The dog is definitely worth the 85 cent price increase from its NYC street vendor brothers, but other than that is unremarkable.
I love gravy, and therefore could not stay away from the fries with gravy ($1.90, below). I was in the mood for junk food, so I admittedly enjoyed them. The fries are $1.85 alone and already soggy, so the 5 cent increase is not only worth it, but hides the poor quality.

Another cheapie on the menu is draught beer. I wanted to support the already patriotic stance my meal had made, so I ordered a $1.95 Coors to wash it all down. If I hadn't, the terrorists would have won.

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  1. Who listens to you - go back to new york!!!

  2. Spoken like a true patriot. Keep up the good work, Anonymous!


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