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12 July 2009

New York Pão de Queijo


Tiny little New York Pão de Queijo is one of the newest food establishments in Astoria, serving Brazilian baked products and fast food. The namesake pão de queijo ($1.75) is ultimately passable, much better at nearby Rio Bonito.

The true gems of the menu are the hamburgers, served with many extras not found on American burgers. Not messing around, I ordered the X Tudo ($9.50, below). Tudo in Portuguese means "everything," while the "X" letter sounds much like the word for cheese and is used to shorten it.

The burger comes with everything, literally. Accompanying the burger is ham, mozzarella, bacon, egg, calabresa, corn, potato, lettuce, tomato, and mayonaise. The hamburger patty is possibly the only thing inside that lacks good flavor. The sandwich as a whole is too big to fit in your mouth and must be approached from angles!

Somewhat like ginger ale, the Guarana Antarctica ($1.50, above) is an unusual way to wash it all down. It adds a little cherry taste to the soda and is pretty refreshing.


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