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13 July 2009

G. Esposito & Sons Jersey Pork Store


There exists a few blocks on both Smith and Court Streets in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn that still have an "old world" feel to them. The red, white, and green still flies proudly in the windows of many stores and Italian last names are prominently at the front of dozens of shops and restaurants.

Within this little enclave (yes, I'm exaggerating) is a little meat market that also serves freshly prepared foods for walk-in customers. Come in early in the day to get the rice balls ($2.75, below) in their prime, or take them home to warm up in the oven. The very friendly proprietors will take a minute to tell you what is ready and make a recommendation, and are not at all put off by a non-local like some places of this stature tend to be.

(Before and after disection)

The Italian Combo ($10) is two meals at least, and packs all the delicious ingredients expected of an Italian sub. The balsamic vinegar soaks into the roll to create what at first appears to be pate, but actually is just the spongy top of your sandwich. Quite practical so that you are not dripping all over yourself!

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