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18 March 2009

[CLOSED] Restoran Seher (Old Bridge 3)



Of the two Bosnian restaurants near the corner of 30th Avenue and 42nd Street in Astoria, Stari Most (the name has been removed and is now called Seher) is the more formidable establishment on many terms. Walking in for the first time is bound to bring a smile to anyone, the red wine colored vinyl upholstery being so prominent. The dining room reads like it is someone's living room, and walking in seemed to disturb them from TV for a moment until they realized we were paying clients. What I took to be a mother and son from then on treated us like family that had come to visit from the other side of the country. We felt comforted by the tapestries in the windows and pleasant music playing in the background.

The menu is similar to that of Ukus around the corner, but here we came for the pljeskavica ($9, below), an abnormally large "burger" inside of two delicious pita breads. We lathered it down with kaymak and ajvar before digging in with hands, then fork and knife as this proved difficult. The meat was soft and juicy, laced with onion throughout.

Splitting the gigantic 9" diameter monster was probably more than enough to be a meal for two. We relaxed back in our chairs as Wheel of Fortune played on the fading television, content in our stuffed state but not ready to leave the friendly place. Eventually some other family members came and then a group of four mixed Balkan peoples.

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  1. For a sec, I thought you were not going to post this place. I saw the image of the bridge, it's beautiful! It was a nice dinner!
    Any time you need some company for your food explorations let me know. if work is not busy, i will join you.


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