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17 March 2009

[CLOSED] Yun Nan Flavour Snack


[UPDATE 2013: CLOSED, They have opened another shop down 8th Avenue a couple blocks at a NEW LOCATION]

The menu is pretty straightforward here, and directing yourself towards the cold rice noodle dishes is the way to go in my opinion. The soups and stews are not as full of life. The rice noodles are good cold or hot, and with any of the toppings I am sure. The picture below is of the simple cold rice noodle ($4.25) which happened to be the only vegetarian option on the menu.

The rice noodle w/ spicy meat sauce ($4.25, below) was also cold, and just as tasty, using the same spices and sweets inside. The addition of the ground meat sent the meal over the top though, one of those things that picks up your mood on any day. I left with my mouth pleasantly tingling from all the fresh ingredients.

This is truly a great little place with fantastically friendly owners. The woman who takes your order and prepares everything is very warm and takes great care to prepare everything. It is fun to watch her adding all the parts while you wait at the window seat.

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