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07 March 2009

Pollo Campero


The famous Guatemalan fried chicken chain has landed in New York City in two accessible locations. Both serve the same menu, and both are true to their home country's delicious restaurant.

There are many things that set this fast food chain above its American counterparts. Firstly, they treat you well, are friendly, and do not seem inconvenienced when you place an order. It's also nice to eat off of real plates and create less waste. Fries are not the obligatory choice of any combo meal, the list of choices is at least 10, and includes tostones, sweet plantains, Campero's special beans, and many more. All for the price of a combo meal at McDonald's or Burger King.

I added sweet plantains ($0.30 extra) to my three-piece meal ($6.59) this time, which includes tortillas and one of many drink options not just limited to soda. The jamaica and tamarindo are both delicious, the horchata here less so.

And the chicken, in all its greasy glory is some of the finest fried chicken available. It is thoroughly soaked in the hot grease, inside and out, but that is the beauty of it. Oh yeah... there is a salty, tangy, citrus marinade going on... their spices make the skin and meat both explode with great flavor.