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10 February 2009

Cafe Steinhof


On a cold winter day, there is not a promotion in town that sounds better than $6 $7 Gulash Night which happens every Monday at Cafe Steinhof. No one was disappointed with their meaty stew which was served with a generous roll to soak in all the juices. As a large group, we had to wait a while at the bar, but it was all in good fun as the place had a nice atmosphere and was not loud. The staff was friendly and promised to seat us as soon as they could.

The restaurant is crowded with gulash fans for a couple hours at dinner, but was emptying out a little after 9pm. Despite our full stomachs, we were convinced of eating the apple bread dessert, which for $3 was an absolute steal. This delicious (and enormous) dessert had us all wanting to break out into song. The only thing that saved us from overnight obesity was the long walk back to civilization.

The Monday night special: $6 (half price) gulash

Wiener schnitzel sandwich ($11)


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