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12 February 2009

Taco Santana


Nondescript little Taco Santana sits just off Broadway, colorfully inviting people in with its tri-color Mexican flag awning. Inside are three tables that are crowded for space with mountains of soda and juice deliveries and a non-working jukebox, and a counter that seats a few more. The tacos here are slightly different than Mexico City style, with less fresh ingredients and spicy salsa, but tasty nonetheless. The taco santana ($3.50) is worth the $1.25 upgrade from the rest for the fresh tomatoes and avocado, but make sure someone gets you the green salsa out of the refrigerator if it does not come automatically. Some of the creative dishes on the rest of the menu like the enchiladas bandera ($6) are worth a try. The latter comes with red, white, and green sauces with plenty of good kick.

The best way to approach a visit to this restaurant is to ask what is fresh and ready, or what the daily specials are, and see where they lead you. After three visits I will give up trying to speak Spanish with the owner, for she is clearly not interested even though mine is better than her English. Scoff!

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