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15 January 2009

Myanmar Baptist Church Fun Fair


New York City has a lack of good (any) Burmese food, so the best chance to sample it is the yearly Fun Fair behind this small church. There is only one vendor not serving food, so it is basically a big excuse for the Burmese in NY to get together and eat. Anyone is allowed though, thankfully.

"All Kinds of Beans Salad"

Spring Rolls

Shan Noodles and ice and jello sweet drink.


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  1. Dear Beloved,

    We will be having our 16th Annual Food Fair on Aug 13th 2011.

    Date: 13th AUG 2011

    Myanmar Baptist Church, New York
    16th Annual Fun Fair

    Place - 143-55 84th Drive
    Briarwood, NY 11435
    (Former Place of MBC-NY)

    Date - August 13, 2011 (Saturday)

    Time - 12 : 00 Noon - 6 : 00 PM

    For more info: Please visit http://www.mbcnewyork.org


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