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12 November 2008

[CLOSED] Al Safa Restaurant



Formerly called "Mazza Plaza," I am pretty sure this place retains the same ownership. Nothing inside has changed except maybe an additional Lebanese flag or two. You definitely won't be impressed by the scarcely decorated and florescent-illuminated dining room, but hey, you don't put decor in your mouth hopefully and most people come here for takeout anyways. They have many $1 miniature (and regular size, $1.50-$2.50) baked pies to choose from and schwarma (pita sandwich $5) to die for.

"Al-Safa" is one of two hills that Muslims travel back and forth between seven times when they are performing their hajj to Mecca. This "Sa'i" serves to commemorate Hagar's search for water and God's mercy in answering prayers. I will let you each come up with your own metaphor about traveling to Bay Ridge and eating here.

Each for $1

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BAY RIDGE Brooklyn
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