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12 November 2008

[CLOSED] La Maison du Couscous



This tiny little place (I think the gigantic obnoxious sign in the front is bigger) might seem less promising than thought after the long trip out to Bay Ridge, but the smells and smiles warmly pull your guard down upon entering. Yes, it will seem annoying at first that the proprietor will constantly redirect you to different dishes than the one you say first, but in the end, you will be fed something delicious no matter what. To my knowledge, the best tagines in New York City (not including Moroccan households that I have yet to be invited to!) Even in the restaurants available to tourists in Morocco you will not find tagines so scrumptious. Make sure to get a pastry or two before heading home, you will thank yourself in the morning.

BAY RIDGE Brooklyn
484 77th Street

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