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11 November 2008



[UPDATE: Arunee has moved, new location on 37th Avenue has not been tested yet but is much sleeker and much more expensive it seems.]

Excellent food and a warm, family environment. The walls are full of pictures of the king and royal family, as well as one or two elephants. The staff will smile and help you with your Thai words. In the tourist brochures, they always describe Thailand as the "Land of Smiles" and it is a pleasure that such a place exists despite nearby Sripraphai being the "Land of Frowns."

Everything here is as authentic as it comes in this city. Even as a non-Thai, you don't have to plead with them to make it spicy like it should be. The som tum ($6.95) comes out and kick starts your mouth exactly the way you want. Follow that up with the yum nham sod ($8.95, below) before diving into the main courses.

Even if I am too full for a meal, I love to stop in for the delicious sticky rice and mango dessert ($6.50, below).

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