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21 May 2006

Eat the World Cup 2014 [GROUP F]

Argentina, Bosnia Herzegovina, Iran, Nigeria

Sunday 15 June (18:00 v. Bosnia)
Saturday 21 June (12:00 v. Iran)
Wednesday 25 June (12:00 v. Nigeria)
The epicenter in 2010, this year, and all years for all games is the miracle on Queens Boulevard that is the Boca Juniors Steakhouse (81-08 Queens Blvd, Elmhurst, Queens). If you want to see what being at a game at La Bombonera in Buenos Aires is like, this is as close as it gets without booking a plane ticket. Get there EARLY. Other Argentinean grill restaurants to try are La Esquina Criolla (94-67 Corona Avenue, Elmhurst, Queens) which sits at the very epicenter of Argentina in Queens, and La Fusta (80-32 Baxter Avenue, Elmhurst, Queens), a sprawling place with plenty of viewing options.

Sunday 15 June (18:00 v. Argentina)
Saturday 21 June (18:00 v. Nigeria)
Wednesday 25 June (12:00 v. Iran)
Unfortunately it is hard to find a Bosnian joint that serves alcohol. I don't know, religious custom and all. But luckily there is Restoran Seher (28-51 42nd Street, Astoria, Queens), formerly called Old Bridge, which will have beer and wine but will be very crowded. They have added two TVs outside and cars draped in Bosnian flags line the block. Order the giant Bosnian burger pljeskavica for a perfect game snack. Djerdan has a couple beers, but their TV only gets two channels and is probably not a good bet. Other non-alcoholic restaurants that will be rocking exist though. The proprietor of Cevabdzinica Sarajevo assured me that alcohol was unnecessary, and said "Our people are crazy without it." The cevapi and burek are also excellent at Ukus (42-08 30th Avenue, Astoria, Queens). You can expect dancing in the streets of Astoria if Bosnia Herzegovina is able to get through to the knockout round.

Monday 16 June (15:00 v. Nigeria)
Saturday 21 June (12:00 v. Argentina)
Wednesday 25 June (12:00 v. Bosnia)
The Network of Iranian Professionals in New York (a real thing!) has held football viewing events at newcomer Cafe Nadery (16 West 8th Street, Greenwich Village) last year during qualifications and the restaurant will be showing all Iran games again this June. There is a decent amount of restaurants in New Jersey, but all that I have been to have white tablecloths and don't seem like the greatest football environment.

Monday 16 June (15:00 v. Iran)
Saturday 21 June (18:00 v. Bosnia)
Wednesday 25 June (12:00 v. Argentina)
After just watching the Champions League final here with some very interested patrons, I am assured that Festac Grill & Lounge (263 Hendrix Street, East New York, Brooklyn) will be the top spot to cheer on The Super Eagles. They have the best food in the city, and deliciously cold bottles of Guinness Extra Stout, another point of culture seeing as how Lagos has a Guinness brewery and it is by far the favorite beer of the country. Another spot to watch the current Africa Cup of Nations champions will of course be Buka (946 Fulton Street, Clinton Hill, Brooklyn), a more western-friendly kitchen that will also be hopping during games.

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