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03 September 2020

The Greek Pie Factory


[COVID-19 UPDATE: Without much space to sit inside to begin with, not much has changed here and most business is takeout. They do have a couple tables with an umbrella set up on nice days as seen above.]

If you are cruising east down the Sunrise Highway just outside of New York City, it is not hard to find simple Greek fare. Plug that into Google Maps and an array of options are presented. But there is one small gem that stands out from the diners and gyro spots, located on a corner just one block south of the thoroughfare.

What also stands out is the story of its owners, more recent arrivals than many Greeks in New York. The husband and wife who own the shop left Greece during the economic crisis that began ten years ago, leaving behind their restaurant in the north of the country that they had run for 25 years.

After a few years in their new country, the couple decided to use their skills again and The Greek Pie Factory was born in June 2015. Although everything here is fresh and made daily, thankfully they put the reference at what they are best at right in the name.

Depending on ingredients, these come in many names in Greece but are simply "hand made Greek pies" here, priced at an unbelievably economical $3/each and made round and bulging. A most classic version of spanakopita can be seen in front with hints of green from the spinach it is filled with. Also in there is feta, onion, and egg, combining to create one of the best you can find in the area.

The other pies were filled with leeks and cheese and another spinach and feta which also added chicken. All of them were insanely good.

Another section of the menu is filled with "Chef's Daily Traditional Meals," and should not be missed for more great deals. The lamb gyro platter ($9.50, below) comes with thinly sliced strips of gyro, buttery rice, lemon potatoes, salad, some of there freshly made bread and pita, and tzatziki sauce.

Other options are favorites like souvlaki and comfort foods like mousaka. It seems they cover just about all the bases, and if these first tastes are reproduced across the menu there is a lot here to be excited about.

Valley Stream residents sure do have a gem.

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  1. Love this place is before covid we were ordering three times a week. With great delivery.

    1. I would love to live close enough to get delivery from them!!


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