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05 December 2019

Taqueria Los Güeros


Spanning Northern New Jersey from Perth Amboy to Englewood, Taqueria Los Güeros has become something of an empire with a full ten locations. Their logo features a spinning trompo of al pastor meat, what their shop is best known for and the main reason they keep expanding. New Jersey has much better street taco quality than rivals to the east, while places like this continue to nail the point home and offer a place to sit as well.

This location on Monroe Street in Passaic is a good introduction to the chain, in one of the best Mexican neighborhoods in the city. Upon entering, make sure to peek through the window into the kitchen and see their gigantic beautiful trompo. During eating hours, the spit is kept with great skill and the meat comes out perfectly.

What sets Taqueria Los Güeros apart from most of the competition in this part of the world is their terrific adobo blend, a mixture of dried chilis, achiote paste, pineapple, and all the secret spices. This is applied to the small strips of meat before they are mounted onto the spit to be grilled vertically.

You can find the meat in many forms here, but why not start with a plate of los tacos ($6.99, above), a portion of four mini D.F. style taquitos loaded with al pastor, onions, and cilantro. They do a good job bringing the packaged tortillas back to life with some grilling and oils, but make sure to squeeze some lime and load it up further with the gorgeous red salsa that arrives with other condiments.

Another compelling order was the mini torta al pastor ($3.49, above), which because of size and price acts like an appetizer and an easy way to try more food. They do not give this small sandwich short shrift here though, the meat is placed on a very nice miniature bread and is thoroughly enjoyable. The miniature option is also available in carnitas, creating the chance to create somewhat of a slider platter if desired.

While a pineapple is there on the spit providing its juices, and the marinade uses flavor from the fruit, they do not seem to use slices on their tacos or tortas here, something that is missed. This could probably be fixed by request if you cannot live without it.

On trips to Mexico City, at al pastor taqueros on the street an order of a gringa ($8.49, above) can usually not be resisted. Versions there are usually two small flour tortillas encasing al pastor meat and cheese, basically the size of a taco but in quesadilla format. Here at Los Güeros the order is a meal on its own, using larger flour tortillas like the ones wrapping burritos.

When you become tired of al pastor, if that is possible, there are quite a few other directions the menu takes including other antojitos and full combo plates with rice and beans.

These taquitos ($6.99, above) are filled with chicken and deep dried, with a sprinkling of añejo cheese and a side of sour cream. The rice and beans are not going to blow your mind, but the price point is genuinely ridiculous for food like this, and the condiment carrier is ready to put in service if you require.

It is not difficult to see why the company has expanded so quickly to fill the needs of many in New Jersey. Will they go further and bring their trompo skills east of the river and into the boroughs of New York City? Here's to hoping.

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