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18 October 2019

Babka Bakers


Babka Bakers is a little shop that specializes in wholesale, but their Maspeth storefront is also open to the public. Whole loaves of many types of bread, as well as sweets sold by weight are displayed for walk in customers, who seem to be plenty. The neighborhood has fallen in love with Babka since they opened in 2014.

Their story is one that is more and more common as the people in this country care more about what they put in their body. Everything is made on site by hand, fresh without any GMO products. The rye flour is even imported from Poland because their home country was very proactive in the banning of all Monsanto products. This is reason enough to come support them.

Their breads are mostly made with sourdough, advertised as easy to digest and full of critical nutrients while having low sugar content. While waiting to get to the front of the line, quite a few of these loaves were the choices made by the folks further up. If you are close with any Europeans, you know how much bread means to them and how disappointed they are with the options in this country.

Next time a situation like this arises, send them to Babka to see what they think.

It is quite difficult to leave a Polish bakery without at least one pączek ($2, above and below),  the country's masterful jelly-filled donut. This of course is giving the pastry short shrift though, as it is so much more than that. The pączki here come in different options depending on the day, but this beauty is filled with plum jam.

Pączki dough is made with a small amount of grain alcohol that acts to keep any of the deep frying oils from getting to the chewy interior, as shown by the bite-away view below.

The most exciting purchase of the morning may have been the Kraków-style cheesecake ($8.50/lb, above and below), a crumbly and dry version of one of New York City's favorite desserts. The defining characteristic besides that texture is the use of dried sultana grapes and the lattice pattern on top formed with a buttery crust.

This same crust is used on the bottom as well rather than the more common cookie crumb version. A line of some type of sweet jam also runs through cake parallel to the crust.

A $2 slice of sernik Krakowski.

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