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24 September 2019

Weekend Pupusa Stand at Iglesia La Luz del Mundo


Maybe the schedule is announced after church services, or maybe on a bulletin board somewhere. The formula that seems to work is a combination of good weather and weekend afternoons, but the pupusa stand is sometimes up and running on Friday evenings and sometimes nowhere to be found on a beautiful Sunday.

With that being said, when found, the grill always has a healthy crowd around it. The process goes fairly quickly despite lines and watching pupusas being made is fun anyways. The team here works together to keep things moving and to fulfill sometimes very large to go orders of a dozen or more pupusas.

When you get to the front of the line and order, they will usually have what you want ready or almost ready on the grill, but if not a warning of 10 minutes or so to wait might come. Masa is extracted from their cooler, ingredients stuffed inside and the whole thing is flattened out by hand before being placed on the grill.

An order to go will always include a little sandwich bag of their homemade curtido, the pickled cabbage that always accompanies pupusas, and non-spicy tomato salsa.

A pupusa's half life is quite short though, so order one or two ($2.50 each) to stay and eat amongst the crowd. When doing this, the condiments are all self serve, so grab some curtido from the giant tub and add whatever salsas you choose. They will warn you against the green unless your face looks like someone who enjoys heat, but it's actually not all that spicy.

It may take a bit of time to cool down enough, but for the most enjoyment eat a pupusa with your hands as intended. This makes standing up less of a problem since no cutting is necessary. The bean and cheese option below is just about perfect for spending a little time with your neighbors. Spirituality is a personal thing, but even those not coming from a service inside will feel a higher power.


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