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13 September 2019

El Pastorcito Taqueria


It seems like every month brings some kind of new innovation (the word for "catching up" when it comes to New York City) in the Mexican food scene in the various neighborhoods where they live in big numbers. Sometimes they do not last very long, but others seem to have caught fire right out of the gate.

A new cart in Sunset Park has been on the block of 5th Avenue between 51st and 52nd Streets for about two months, offering alambres, what seems to be a first coming from a street vendor. An Alambre (below), most of which are $11, is basically a selection of grilled meat that is diced with bacon, onions, poblano peppers, and in the case of the options here, plenty of stringy Oaxacan cheese.

El Pastorcito alambre.

The word in Spanish translates to "wire" and has some reference to the skewers the meat is originally grilled on before becoming the mixed platter. It does take on the character of the beloved Tex-Mex fajitas, and sometimes in restaurants you might even see it served at the table sizzling. No matter what, it will always be served with corn or flour tortillas and salsas.

Many of El Pastorcito's options are also offered on flour tortillas, so this seems to be the proprietor's preference. Since neither is of the homemade variety, the flour do well for making your own tacos with the order, especially with all the cheese. On the night of this order, a rain started and made the small stools provided not work, so an escape plan was made to the McDonald's across the street. This turns out to be an excellent place to eat an alambre with the help of a table. An apple pie was procured for dessert as not to be completely offensive. With free wifi, the second floor of the fast food chain was something of an office for a few others.


As the name suggests, there is a small trompo here, although business is not quite fast enough yet for it to remain under constant fire and spinning. An order of gringas ($4 each, above) will be quickly toasted up on the grill before serving with nicely melted cheese. It turns out to be really tasty and probably should be the starter point for any small order here.

Once you do get a friend or three to join you for alambres though, there are six or eight varieties to choose from including a "Hawaiano" which of course gets pineapples thrown in and the "Sabores" which uses the marinated pork from the pastor trompo.


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