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06 May 2019

Rei Da Manivela Churrasqueira Bar


The more time you spend underneath flights taking off and landing at Newark International Airport, the better you eat. The areas directly surrounding the runways are full of interesting foods from around the world. North of the airport is the well-known Ironbound neighborhood, hosting many Portuguese and Brazilian restaurants and businesses. Just to the west are some communities with many West African establishments catering to a fast-growing population. Even to the east at Port Newark there are good lunch trucks including a dynamite Chilean vendor.

Just south of EWR is Elizabeth, New Jersey's fourth largest city and home to so many Latin American communities. In addition, like the Ironbound, the area is also home to quite a few Portuguese and Portuguese-Americans, and all the barbecue that typically goes with them in New Jersey. Just south of the sprawling cemetery in the far reaches of Weequahic Park is one of the best, on the first floor of a long building. Besides the sign in front, the business is given away by a tall smoke stack connected to the side of what otherwise just seems like an apartment building.

The smells of cooking meat are of course noticeable, but that stack is doing great work because for a place that cooks over charcoal indoors, the smoke and smell is well under control. Taking a sneak peek in the back is recommended to check out the automated rotating traps that spin quickly over the fire as not to burn anything.

Orders come in fast and furious once the Elizabeth lunch rush starts from tables of course but also from walk-in customers taking big bags for takeout, and from a phone that seemed to be ringing nonstop. The skilled chefs in the back were constantly removing and returning the traps to fill orders, never missing a beat and always knowing the proper times everything needs.

While our neighbors at other tables were clearing plates on their own, ours decided to share a $21 order of beef ribs and chicken (above). With so much happening over the fire, it is a testament that all of the meat is cooked so well.

Served without fuss on metal plates, but somehow with great care, the feast also procured a side of beans and rice for $3, red beans that almost came out as soup but go very nicely with the ridiculous amount of rice. To give variety to the meat-heavy meal, return for bites of these frequently.

The marinades are simple yet tasty, the cuts and cooking is really where the beef ribs shine. The skin of the chicken is brightened by its rub, the intensity of each bite quite a bit sharper. The first touch on the tongue gives a slight reminder of the tangy vinegar of Buffalo wings. Underneath, even the thick white meats are miraculously juicy and full of flavor.

They truly know what they are doing here when they cook an animal.

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