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26 April 2019

[CLOSED] Sungai Malaysian Cuisine


UPDATE: This business has closed.

The state of Kedah in northwest Malaysia seems to be the inspiration for a couple of recent additions to the Brooklyn Malaysian cuisine scene. After Langkawi opened at the end of 2018 in Sunset Park, Bensonhurst's 18th Avenue is now home to Sungai, which recently opened its doors.

A new "wave" of Malaysian from the Malacca Strait offering regional cuisines from this part of the country? Unfortunately no, as Sungai is following suit with Langkawi and providing a similar menu to those seen around other parts of town. But hopefully we will eventually see what has been happening in the past five to ten years with regional (and fantastic) Thai restaurants starting to make a name for themselves.

Sungai Petani is not of much note to travelers in Malaysia, but cannot be avoided when getting to and from Penang Island. Besides one large photo of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, these coastal and tropical moods are used inside to set the mood.

At our first meal here, a few classics were sampled, including a decent version of roti canai ($3.50, above).

Quite the looker on arrival and better than the appetizer was the curry laksa with chicken ($7.95, above and below).

Most interesting from this spread was lobak ($8.95, below), a plate full of many textures and flavors. Served with forgettable hoisin plum and chili sauces for dipping, each part does not really need them and is better tried on its own.

Minced pork in beancurd sheets, fried tofu and taro, crispy fried fritters, and a nice shrimp pancake are amongst the finger foods, while a century egg is sliced up and served alongside everything.

End your meals with pulut hitam ($3, below), a Peranakan favorite enjoyed in both Malaysia and Indonesia which can be served either hot or cold. The main components of this "soup," here served hot, is black sticky rice and coconut milk. It may have been the favorite of the entire meal.

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