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01 March 2019



Smørrebrød, a distinctly Danish-style open-faced sandwich, used to be available about once a year at the annual Danish Christmas fairs that took place around the start of December. At those events, large boxes of them would be delivered to the churches and purchases had the risk of being many hours old. Nowadays, a new place pops up almost monthly and offers to make them fresh. The newest, in the East Village is simply called Smør, and has six on the menu.

While a full meal will certainly require at least two of the choices, I stopped in the other day for just one with plans to move on and eat more from another location right after.

At the top of the menu is the smoked salmon ($8, above and below), resting on a small but firm piece of rye as the rules dictate. This fine specimen of fish is joined by streams of dill cream and dollops of lemon curd all under thin slices of cucumber, radish, and dill sprigs.

In a pinch, feel free to pick the whole thing up and eat it with your hands, but tellingly a fork and knife arrive at the table. Either way, this place makes a good one, even if you have to pick the parts that fall on your shirt up and eat them on a second try.

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