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14 March 2019

Radhuni Sweets & Restaurant


At some point around four years ago, the popular restaurant named Sugandha shuttered and the space at 483 McDonald Avenue underwent major renovations to become even more popular (and larger) Radhuni Sweets & Restaurant. The steam tables and all food were pushed to the back near the kitchen and the space was opened up for much more seating. As in other Bangladeshi spots in Bangladeshi neighborhoods around town, Radhuni feels like a community center at times, busy with men drinking tea and chatting or arguing.

It is now open 24 hours, catering to a clientele that works every shift imaginable, many of whom are taxi drivers.

The steam table and counter might seem crowded and a bit of a fight, but the staff usually is friendly to those outside of the community and will make a point to help you. Just stand near the register and it will not take long. Feel free to ask questions about the food and come up with a good plan of action. Make an order, pay if they ask (sometimes you will pay after), and grab a seat. The water is already at the table and a small plastic cup will arrive with your selections if you have not been given it already.

High turnover makes the chicken rolls ($2, above, chopped up) and samosas ($1, above) always fresh and really good. If they know you are sitting down to eat in house, they will slice it up for you.

The soft, pillowy mountain that is beef tehari ($8, above) is the kind of dish that is hard to finish in one sitting. It also is sort of stunning in its simplicity despite having the ability to get a "holy shit!" when you eat that first bite. Those chutneys they offer on the side are both good with this, but it does not need them in the end.

I can never pass up a good haleem ($5, below), and the one here is fantastic especially when you consider the price. Paired with a piece of naan ($1, below) fresh from the oven, it's an incredible meal. The dish is full of so many earthy flavors like wheat, barley, and lentils, but also fatty meats and spicy peppers. The dish is cooked for hours until it becomes thick and is easy to pick up with pieces of the bread.

Radhuni also has an amazing breakfast deal consisting of naan or paratha with your choice of two items from sooji halwa, mixed vegetables, chana dal, and aloo bhaji. It is hard to go wrong here, as multiple visits have been rewarded with many fine dishes, including but not limited to the following:

Vegetable and spicy tuna pakoras.

Chicken tikka.

Beans, bitter melon, and potato bharta.

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