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12 February 2019

Open Rice


When we think of dim sum parlors, we usually conjure up massive, opulent and shiny rooms with a stage that doubles as an event space for weddings and celebrations. The city also has a range of smaller parlors though, like here at Open Rice. The same feelings exist, minus the spaciousness; things are loud and hurried and carts make a beeline for your table the second (or before) you sit down.

"Open Rice" is the strange conclusion for the path from Chinese to English that 开饭 has made, a call for dinner to start whose characters can also mean other things. 开 is indeed to open or start, while 饭 means rice literally but is often used to signify any meal in a generic way. "Let's start the meal" ends up as "Open Rice."

And the rest of the red characters above the white sign? Something like: Beautiful 丽 Scenery 景Seafood 海鲜 Restaurant 酒家, if that gives you a better idea of what is happening inside. The seafood components of the menu come to life more in the evenings or when dim sum service is not happening.

On the morning of Lunar New Year, the dining room was especially loud and busy and dim sum service went went into the afternoon. This usually sleepy location was in full-out enjoyment mode, and steamers of dumplings and chicken feet were rapidly landing on every table.

The flavors and textures of each dish here are sharp and well executed. Chefs come and go so fast at these type of places that making recommendations can be fleeting, but for now the kitchen here is on point.

On most days you can hang out and relax here and not feel bad about it, something that you rarely get away with at the bigger parlors. I like that feeling, and will take advantage of it until the chef swaps out and the food is not up to the same standard.

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