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25 February 2019

Nuro Noodles 台北傳統牛肉麵


There have been a few grocery stores in this large building on Northern Blvd over the years, the latest being the New Age Market, around for the last three or four. It contains products similar to many Asian markets, but caters mostly to Flushing's Chinese residents although the neighborhood in this area is mostly Korean. Shoppers of all varieties seemed to be enjoying it just fine.

In one corner of the market, a new noodle stall has popped up. It's Chinese name, "Taipei Traditional Beef Noodles" does a better job in describing it than the English does, which is just a play on the Mandarin word for "beef." They have three items for sale, including their signature beef soup ($11.95, below) and a tomato beef soup which is similar but not spicy. A braised pork over rice dish rounds out the menu.

At this price point, the bowl is not super cheap, but of a very high quality, especially for its location. The noodles down below it all, while not made in house, are really nice and chewy and make a very pleasant experience.

The advertisement lists the dish as spicy, and despite being hot enough they need to warn the white guy ordering it, I would describe it as low level. The braising gives the meat a slightly sweet taste, hunks of dense beef with fatty rims. It comes with a side of pickled greens that should be dumped in, and a little extra chili oil can be asked for if you want it spicier. They also sell small jars of this to take home for $5.

Once you procure your order, you can take it upstairs to a spacious dining area which looks over the market. This was fun, you can watch people shop the produce aisles as you scarf down your noodles.

The market (seen below) is also home to Bake Culture, a bakery that seems to be doing its best to ripoff wonderful Bake Code, which unfortunately is not around Flushing anymore. Don't be fooled.

The New Age Market, home to Nuro.

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