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03 January 2019


ITALY 🇮🇹 (Abruzzo)

To the rest of the world, any familiarity with the Southern Italian region of Abruzzo is usually through its extraordinary wines like Montepulciano and Trebbiano. A slightly overlooked place in terms of tourism, most of the region is dominated by the central mountains and Adriatic Sea coastline. Despite being considered part of the south of the country, if we use the boot graphic of Italy, Abruzzo would be about the meaty part of the calf. The simple fact of its geographical separation has kept the places here full of what some might call "old world charm."

But travelers to Italy should take the time to drive over the mountains from Rome and explore this lesser-known region for its culture and food, something that the D'Abruzzo stand and pop-up vendor is vouching for. Currently you can find these treats at the Winter Village in Bryant Park, but in warmer months look out for it at food festivals and Smorgasburg.

The top draw here and reason enough to book flights for a Abruzzese vacation are the arrosticini ($12.25 for a small order, above and below), mutton skewers full of fatty bits and unmarinated.

Those fatty bits in between meat not only keep it very tender, they also drop a lot of juice down into the fire and create a nice smoke that makes it way through the park and probably pulls in quite a few customers. Bryant Park is not quite the old world, but if you close your eyes and are guided by only your senses of smell and taste it gets pretty close. My only complaint is that I cannot have a nice Montepulciano to enjoy with this lamb.

This meat needs no marinade or sauce.

Depending on which event you come upon it, D'Abruzzo will have a slightly different menu that grows and shrinks to what the stand can accommodate, but you might find other finger foods and cookies from the region as well.


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