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19 December 2018

Tacos Carmelita Parientes

The truck before heading to Queens.

I started noticing some "extracurricular activity" coming from the social media of a great tlacoyos cart in Sunset Park about a year ago, it seemed the 5th Avenue favorite was expanding into other business opportunities. Earlier this year I tracked them down to the Gulf Station on 2nd Avenue that they set up shop in, but it was apparent they were still getting their feet under them. I recently returned to check out the status and enjoy more antojitos.

Their menu says their tortillas for tacos are handmade, but this just seems to be a copy and paste mistake unfortunately as I did confirm with the counterman that the bags of Maizteca tortillas were used for their tacos. No bother, as recommended at most places in New York City, skip tacos and pick up other antojitos that do have handmade tortillas like the big quesadilla ($7, below), which seems popular with other customers on my visits.

I picked carnitas because they make it here for this shop and for the new truck they have been sending out daily to Ridgewood at the corner of Cypress and Myrtle Avenues. During busy times that truck even has an al pastor trompo that I look forward to trying out soon.

An order of three picaditas ($12 with cecina, below) is another good way to get freshly formed and fried corn masa as your base. They can make these with their red or green salsa, or both as seen here.

The counter is generally very friendly, the only drawback being there is not really any seating. They will accommodate you to eat in though, as I saw for a small family with children that used the waiting stools as a table. For those at the Brooklyn Army Terminal or nearby, the ability to take away will be convenient, and during warmer months the waterfront is close for those who want to bring a picnic.

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