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14 December 2018

Moo Thai Food


In Thai language, the word "moo" refers to an animal, but not the one you might expect. Just look up though, a big fat pig tells the answer to the word and the focused menu.

In Thailand, khao moo daeng (literally: red pork and rice) vendors and restaurants are noticeable from their hanging strips of pre-roasted pork. When an order is placed, the pork is taken down and hacked into enough small pieces to make one portion and hung back up.

A small new Thai restaurant on Broadway in Elmhurst is doing the same basic formula for a khao moo daeng restaurant, minus the hanging meat. It is the second spot from the people behind Eim Khao Mun Kai, a shop a couple doors down that is just as tiny, also focuses on one dish, and does it very well.

What makes the pork red is the sauce, the ingredient that any khao moo daeng shop will be known for. This may be somewhere on the brown to red spectrum in reality, but no bother. Here at Moo, the sauce is just right, sweet and slightly tangy but not in a way to unbalance the tender pieces of pork.

Shown above is Set 2: Khao moo daeng + moo krob ($8.99), consisting of a majority of moo daeng with a few pieces of the crispy pork belly (moo krob). You can also purchase sets of either alone, and those three choices comprise the full menu. Any set will also have a couple pieces of sweet sausage, hard-boiled egg, and a small side broth.

I purchased a to go order to bring to my favorite Thai person, and they wrapped the rice and pork up in paper just like they would if you were getting a takeaway order in Thailand. A very nice touch!

81-20 Broadway
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