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12 December 2018

Lions & Tigers & Squares Detroit Pizza


Detroit-style pizza proves that the pizza emoji is not all-inclusive. In fact, it does not even begin to describe the experience of eating Detroit-style pizza. Humanity has a long way to go with such narrow-minded emoji options.

I often stay away from pizza supremacy battles. New Yorkers can be quite stubborn about what does and does not make a real slice. Folks like to have favorites and be passionate, I get it. My opinion about pizza is usually: "Yeah, I'll eat that."

I do have a soft spot for the thicker entries into the pizza lexicon, though have always been a bit underwhelmed by the most common of these in New York: the Sicilian square slice. It never had enough sauce for me.

Since early September I have had an ongoing repeat client right around the corner from Lions & Tigers & Squares, bringing me to this subway station at least twice a month. I cannot stop coming to this pizza joint, I just can't. So I figured I should finally talk about it, even though we do not do a whole lot of pizza on these pages.

Squares are cooked in industrial pans.

First of all, they do not sell slices, they sell squares. There is a good chance you will hear them have to explain that to a walk-in customer while you wait. Sold in a gut-busting giant rectangle cut into four "squares," bring a friend and share or come very hungry. In all the times I have tried, I have never finished the whole thing in one sitting. The closest I got was avoiding the crust on the last two slices, but then you kind of miss the point.

That crust is crispy and a little burnt and part of what makes the pizza from Detroit. The origins of this were cooking in industrial trays that were meant for other uses and had nothing to do with pizza, creating this unique shape and thickness. While the bottom and sides get crispy, the middle is still chewy and soft.

"The classic" is only $5.

An always generous layer of toppings is laid on top, with a nice double puddle of rich sauce. Most patrons seem to take the meatless "Classic" which turns out to be very economical, but other pies available include pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and a vodka sauce slice just in case you needed everything a little heavier.

Pepperoni $11.

I am officially addicted.

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