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05 November 2018

Mi Taqueria Tolte Restaurant


I have not been coming to this spot on Corona Avenue for long, but it has the feel of a place that removed their grocery store racks over time and made more and more room for people to sit and enjoy the food. Now it is exclusively a restaurant, only the refrigerated cases remain from this possible past. It gets busy on weekends with couples ordering bowls of pancita and other big plates accompanied by rice and beans.

Throughout the week, Tolte is known for their tortas locas, or crazy tortas, gigantic versions of Mexico's classic sandwich. A list of 12 house specialty creations are shown above the kitchen and on the menu, including La Tolte ($9.99, below), the namesake that includes grilled chicken, eggs, and a hot dog.

What makes these locas (to me at least) is the amount of Oaxacan cheese piled on, most of which I ate with a fork. Some of the other options like the tinga-stuffed chingona or the steak and onions norteña might be more interesting snacks for a follow-up visit, but I am always drawn to menu items that share the name of the place and are their creation.

Their weekend tamales ($1.50 each, below) are very tasty as well. This tamal verde came with an accidentally crispy bottom from getting warmed back up, which was enjoyed nonetheless.

"Tolte" is short for Toltecamila, the tiny village that sits high in the mountains of the southernmost reaches of Puebla state. The music here is usually Norteño ballads, but on one occasion the jukebox seemed to be taking the customers through a Selena retrospective, which is always a good thing. The shiny glass tables and fluorescent lighting do not exactly create a romantic environment, but the music, food, and people make it just right.

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