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29 November 2018

Adobe Blues

USA 🇺🇸 (New Mexico)

Since 1992 the foods of New Mexico have graced the north shore of Staten Island, and only the locals seem to have been privy to this information. Why didn't someone tell the rest of us, we are definitely willing to cross harbors to come.

Use the corner door straight into the bar, what they call the saloon, and you just might fool yourself for a moment that you've somehow tripped into the southwest. Don't look at those photos of police on horseback too closely though, because if you read the subtitles you will see this is just a photo shoot on Staten Island. Not quite the wild west. The rest of the photos show similar things and add to the overall fun, making you want to stay in this half rather than sitting down at a proper table.

Music seems to go between delta blues or old country from Tennessee and the like, not quite on point but in the background enough not to disturb the efforts of an arid dessert.

New Mexico is a state with its own cuisine for sure. Sometimes called southwestern, but not to be mistaken for Tex-Mex, this is a thoroughly distinct fusion of indigenous, Spanish, and Mexican kitchens. The use of local chile peppers is more important than anything else. The state often jokes that they have an official question: "Red or green?" This refers to whether you would like your dishes spiced with local red chile or green.

Unfortunately at Adobe Blues they use both very sparingly. The red chile con carne ($5.50 cup, above) had all the right base covered but needed a little help to give it kick. This lack might just be for the audience, Staten Islanders maybe just do not like their mouths to get fiery. The bowl of chili is served with a small round cake of jalapeño corn bread, which despite its name also had no spice in its dense, moist body.

Luckily any order will probably arrive followed by a group of three or four bottles of different salsas that you can add to anything and everything. Do just that and the chile starts to be really enjoyed.

On a second visit I went all in with the blue corn enchiladas ($12 at lunch, above), chicken or ground beef rolled up in blue corn tortillas and smothered in cheese. They do ask you the official question here, so I of course opted for the half and half solution. By the time it reached me, the red seemed to have won the war and advanced well into green's territory.

Again both of the chile sauces were without kick and took some work, as did the beans and rice. It's a long way to Route 66 from here, and this shows through.

I would not hesitate to return just for the environment of the saloon though, definitely a unique place in the city. They rotate a few good beers on tap, including at least one Staten Island brew on the occasions I was around.

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