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05 October 2018

Ralibera/Madagascar in NYC


From afar, a food truck with the logo of a 2005 animated Dreamworks film might not seem so approachable. But when that movie is titled Madagascar and is meant to describe the cuisine cooked inside rather than attract children, things in New York City get a little more interesting.

On quite a few recent days, this new truck has been parked on Broadway between the 116th Street subway station and Earl Hall in front of Columbia University. Just about everything on the daily menu costs $8, including the two chicken dishes sampled on this sunny afternoon seen below.

Poulet au coco ($8, below) is described as chicken in coconut sauce, although the flavor profile is devoid of any of the sweetness you might think comes with coconut. A good portion of oily sauce goes hidden into the rice, but make sure to dredge it up for maximum enjoyment.

Speaking of the rice, be sure to ask for Madagascar pink rice even though it may not be written on the menu board. This aromatic rice practically nonexistent on this side of the Atlantic Ocean should be treasured and is a real treat. It adds a bit of sweetness and spice to the rest of the meal.

Both meals were served with sides of tomato broccoli salad and a mixture of very tasty zucchini and peppers. These were both good on their own or with the rice.

The akoho sauce ($8, below) had less flavor and used white meat that was a bit dried out. The sauce was primarily of green olives, and once again needed to be fished out from underneath the pink rice.

The line of food trucks that populate Broadway on campus have one of the prime locations for eaters from anywhere, as once you procure your lunch you can easily walk into the grounds of the university and find a nice bench, some steps, or patch of grass to eat on. The Malagasy (from Madagascar) truck was possibly the least popular in the mix on this afternoon, but please do not be afraid of it and try this unique food.

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